ELST Series Endoscopic Staplers

Endoscopic Stapler Handle 2ng Generation

General Details


This device has applications in lung, bronchial tissue, stomach and intestines in open or endoscopic surgery for resection, transection and anastomisis.


  1. Smooth articulation up to 45 degree to both left and right, totally eleven multiple articulation points for flexible access.
  2. The red coloration underneath the reload button indicates whether the reload is correctly reload.
  3. Stronger cutting knife bar, great tensile strength.
  4. New “I” shape cutting profile, allows for smooth tissue transection in dealing with thick tissue application.
  5. Easy to use unload button, allowing improved operation.
Techical Info


Code Description Firing Maximum Shaft Length
ELST-S Endoscopic Staplers – Short 10 60 mm
ELST-C Endoscopic Staplers – Conventional 10 160 mm
ELST-E Endoscopic Staplers – Extra 10 210 mm
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