Endoscopic Stapler Handle 1st Generation

General Details


Combining ergonomic design precise articulating and one-hand grasping for increased versatility, enhancing the user experience.


    1. Ten points of articulation enhance precision ofapproach to target tissue/vessel.
    2. Surgeon-controlled articulation of up to 45 degree on either side provides improved access to surgical sites.
  1. Forward and backward compatibility – the satapler can be used with all existing reload units.
  2. Three shaft lengths deliver greater flexibility for proedure specific use.


Techical Info


Code Description Firing Maximum Shaft Length
ELSC-S Endoscopic Stapler Short 15 times 60mm
ELSC-C Endoscopic Stapler Conventional 15 times 160mm
ELSC-E Endoscopic Stapler Extra 15 times 260mm


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