Circular Staplers

General Details


Disposable circular staplers is intended to have applications throughout the alimentary tract for end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side anastomoses.


  1. Super-Thin anvil, more convenient forprocedure.
  2. Bigger inner cutting diameter, reduce anastomosis structure.
  3. Rational arrangement of staples to reduce bleeding after procedure.
  4. Tissue gap between anviland cartridge, avoid tissue damage.
  5. High quality titanium staples, bigger tension-resistance on anastomosis.
Techical Info


Code Description Color Inner DIA Out DIA Staple Heights
CSS17 Circular Stapler-17mm White 10.0 mm 17.5 mm 4.8 mm
CSS21 Circular Stapler-21mm Tan 13.0 mm 21.5 mm 4.8 mm
CSS23 Circular Stapler-23mm Yellow 14.5 mm 23.5 mm 4.8 mm
CSS26 Circular Stapler-26mm White 16.5 mm 26.0 mm 4.8 mm
CSS39 Circular Stapler-29mm Blue 19.5 mm 29.0 mm 4.8 mm
CSS32 Circular Stapler-32mm Purple 22.5 mm 32.0 mm 4.8 mm
CSS34 Circular Stapler-34mm Green 24.5 mm 34.0 mm 4.8 mm
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