ImproSer is a medical-logistics company established in Istanbul by a team of experts in the field of medical and chemistry. Although Improser’s manufacturer mission, it is also makes Turkey distributor of reputable foreign firms.

Since its establishment, ImproSer has been offering quality products used in the world to the service of the health sector at an affordable price. With its expert staff, it has adopted the principle of giving the necessary support to its customers in the best way possible.

ImproSer, which constantly renews and improves itself; It continues to be a pioneer in the sector with its commercial vision with unconditional customer satisfaction philosophy and compliance with continuous innovations, continuing to provide products, treatments and services that make life healthier for patients and healthcare professionals.

ImproSer has a wide supply network and continues to expand its product range day by day, with a dynamic and expert team, it provides its customers with excellent after-sales support with competitive prices.

Our Vision

Our mission is to obtain a solid place in the eyes of our customers with our quality and reliability in all the sectors we operate and to meet their needs by offering proven products at competitive prices. Easy accessibility and correct service are our primary goals and it is our main mission to act with the awareness of our responsibilities at all stages of the process from the sale of all our products to the delivery to the buyer.

While providing the best product and service in all target markets we address, it is to be at the heart of our customer as the most effective and largest supplier company.